Are you ready to Catapult your business to the Next Level?

What got you here won’t get you there.

You have reached the next milestone, now you need to evolve your strategy and your leadership team to Catapult to the Next Level. 

With the right management and operating system that drives your processes and your culture, your business can deliver predictable, sustainable, profitable growth. 


To Catapult to the Next Level,

are you ready to:


Fearlessly Challenge

your current strategy, stress-test your vision and embrace change


Invest In Your Leaders

to retain and attract the best talent from top to bottom


Increase Profits

through the clarity of a simplified vision


Evolve Business Operations

by implementing a results-driven, proven framework


Accelerate Growth

with predictable, measurable results


Make Tough Choices

that puts your business and your team on the right path


Be Held Accountable

to the promises the leadership team makes to themselves and each other


Have Fun

leading a successful company with a team that believes in and loves what they do

Proud to have worked with, built, advised or invested in these companies

Years Scaling Businesses

Leaders Developed


Revenue Delivered

Successful M&A Events

Questions To Tackle

People First

do we have the right people in the right seats


is it right, believable, known and embraced throughout the organization


what are they, who owns them, and what does great look like


what works, what’s broken, what will it take to fix it and what value does it drive


what’s noise vs what’s actionable insights

To Deliver Results


5-year arch with measurable milestones along the trajectory


with the right solutions at the right time for your unique business


across all areas of your business to eliminate silos and bottlenecks


challenges status quo from people to process to profit to catapult the business forward


with predictable results

Sherry Orel


Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

ssYou have reached a crossroads in your business.  You need to grow faster, evolve culture, strengthen your leadership team, improve processes, or prepare for an exit.  Or do you have a unique challenge?  You know you need outside help to lead a process, but where to begin?

NLC helps businesses that have reached a pivot-point in their growth or direction, helping leadership teams evolve their processes and refine their management operations to scale faster and prepare for significant business changes like the need of better forecast and deliver growth, prepare for an exit/change in leadership or to shift strategy.

We work with visionary leaders like you to assess your needs and short-list solutions to ensure that your leadership teams have a meaningful and engaging experience that drives lasting change. Our unique strategy of combining proven business management and operating systems with neuroscience to address the new habits required to drive behavior change and deliver measurable results for businesses, teams and individuals. We take a solution-agnostic approach and assess the specific needs of each client to meet their unique short and long-term goals.

We utilize psychometric behavioral analysis tools like Predictive Index combined with our proprietary Needs Assessment & Matching Process (NAMP) and our network of 200+ current and former CEOs, seasoned Coaches/Consultants and Certified Business Guides to pair the right Advisor with the right client.  Advisors in our network specialize in areas like Strategy, Business Operations, HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, Operations, Culture Evolution, high-functioning relationships between Executives and their EAs, and M&A to match a client’s current, critical needs with a proven, highly accomplished Advisor, widening our ability to meet the needs of current and future clients.  

We are driven to learn and grow to continuously evolve the 100+ tools we selectively deploy and have embraced the “best of the best business practices” offered from resources and masters like Jim Collins (Good to Great/By Choice, Flywheel), Traction (EOS), Scaling Up (Vern Harnish), Strategic Coach/Who Not How (Dan Sullivan), Building a Story brand (Donald Miller), Team Dynamics (5 Dysfunctions, Ideal Team Player – Patrick Lencioni), 10X (Grant Cardone) and many others to curate and evolve a customized curriculum for each client.  

From our Founder Sherry Orel:

 As a CEO and business leader for 30+ years, Sherry most enjoyed the mentoring, coaching and developmental growth of her teams.  After a successful career leading organizations both public and private, growing organically and through M&A, and leading multiple exits, she shifted her focus to help other leaders navigate through their own business journeys to identify, meet, and exceed their goals as they Catapult their business to the Next Level. She primarily works with founders of mid-sized companies ($25M-$750M) and their Executive Leadership Teams to guide the evolution of their strategy and culture to meet the changing needs of their business to accelerate growth and profit. Sherry is frequently retained directly by Founders, CEOs and by both investment bankers and PE/VC firms to support their clients and portfolio companies.

In addition to NLC, Sherry is a Managing Director of STS Capital Partners (, an international, boutique mergers and acquisitions firm, specializing in sell-side consulting and advisory services for mid-market entrepreneurial and family businesses. 

The name STS comes from Success to Significance through Selling to Strategics™: a reflection of our mission to help our clients transform business success into personal significance – by generating maximum multiples of expected value when planning and executing the sale of their companies to international strategic buyers.