About Next Level Catapult

You have reached a crossroads in your business.  You need to grow faster, evolve culture, strengthen your leadership team, improve processes, or prepare for an exit.  Or do you have a unique challenge?  You know you need outside help to lead a process, but where to begin?

NLC helps businesses that have reached a pivot-point in their growth or direction, helping leadership teams evolve their processes and refine their management operations to scale faster and prepare for significant business changes like the need to better forecast and deliver growth, prepare for an exit/change in leadership or to shift strategy.

We work with visionary leaders like you to assess your needs and short-list solutions to ensure that your leadership teams have a meaningful and engaging experience that drives lasting change. Our unique strategy of combining proven business management and operating systems with neuroscience helps organizations develop the new habits required to drive behavior change and deliver measurable results for businesses, teams, and individuals. We take a solution-agnostic approach and assess the specific needs of each client to meet their unique short and long-term goals.

We utilize psychometric behavioral analysis tools like Predictive Index combined with our proprietary Needs Assessment & Matching Process (NAMP) and our network of 200+ current and former CEOs, seasoned Coaches/Consultants and Certified Business Guides to pair the right Advisor with the right client.  Advisors in our network specialize in areas like Strategy, Business Operations, HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, Operations, Culture Evolution, high-functioning relationships between Executives and their EAs, and M&A to match a client’s current, critical needs with a proven, highly accomplished Advisor, widening our ability to meet the needs of current and future clients.

We are driven to learn and grow to continuously evolve the 100+ tools we selectively deploy and have embraced the “best of the best business practices” offered from resources and masters like Traction author Gino Wikman, Scaling Up author Vern Harnish, author Dan Sullivan, 5 Dysfunctions/Ideal Team Player author Patrick Lencioni, 10X author Grant Cardone and many others to curate and evolve a customized curriculum for each client.