In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity. As B2B decision-makers, you’re aware that reaching the right audience with the right message is pivotal for success. One avenue that’s been gaining significant traction and reshaping the advertising game is Connected TV advertising.

Connected TV refers to video watched on a TV that is connected to the internet. This can be done either through Smart TVs, streaming sticks, or gaming consoles. Over-the-top service providers (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) stream video content through apps, bypassing traditional TV.

The Rise of Connected TV Advertising

  • Targeted Precision: Connected TV (CTV) Advertising offers a level of precision that traditional TV methods can only dream of. Imagine tailoring your message directly to decision-makers, ensuring your brand is in front of the eyes that matter most. CTV enables you to break through the noise and connect with your audience at a more personal level.
  • Data-Driven Insights: CTV Advertising provides invaluable insights into viewer behavior, allowing you to refine your campaigns based on real-time data. This can include insights on users who have viewed your messaging and later visited your website or filled out a lead form to ensure impact throughout the marketing funnel.

Building Effectiveness Through CTV

  • Enhanced Engagement: Video content remains the most effective marketing medium. CTV takes this a step further by bringing your brand to the big screen, creating a more immersive and memorable experience.
  • Brand Familiarity: Building familiarity is key in B2B messaging, with over 90% of decision-makers buying from those they know. By incorporating CTV advertising into your strategy, you not only increase brand recognition but also significantly enhance the performance of your search and social campaigns. Insider Intelligence revealed that CTV can increase brand recall in paid search by 22% and in social campaigns by 8%.

Unparalleled Performance

Integrating CTV into your digital marketing strategy unlocks better performance improvements to your lower funnel goals as well. On average, B2B marketers (MNTN) who add CTV see increased conversion rates of:

  • 22% across SEM
  • 37% across email

Making the Shift

  • Seamless and Strategic: Integrating CTV Advertising requires a strategic approach to integrate it seamlessly into your existing marketing mix, aligning it with your overall business objectives. By doing so, you’ll amplify the impact of your campaigns and foster a cohesive omnichannel brand presence.
  • Measure and Optimize: The beauty of CTV lies in its measurability. Track key performance indicators, analyze the data, and refine your strategy. This process ensures continuous improvement, making your campaigns increasingly effective over time.

    Meet the Expert

    Five Eighty is a creative marketing agency providing brands with data-driven strategy, creative concepts, content production, integrated media plans, execution, and measurement. 

    Connected TV Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How targeted can you get via Connected TV?

    A: Targeting capabilities have advanced significantly. B2B partners can now reach audiences based on data such as Industry, Job Title, Company Revenue, and Company Size. This allows for the creation of custom profiles targeting audiences at the household level.

    Q: Is CTV as expensive as a traditional TV buy?

    A: Good news! Connected TV is not nearly as costly as traditional TV. With the ability to precisely target your audience and programmatic buying, we can be more cost-effective. You can start a connected TV campaign for as little as $15k/month.

    Q: Connected TV vs. Streaming Over the Top (OTT), what is the difference?

    A: Connected TV: Refers to video content watched through a TV connected to the internet, using Smart TV capabilities, streaming sticks (Roku, Firestick), or gaming consoles. Over the Top (OTT): Involves the streaming technology (apps or platforms) delivering streamed content through internet-connected devices like TVs, desktops, mobiles, or tablets. Examples include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

    Q: What reporting metrics are available for Connected TV?

    A: When running a connected TV campaign, you will receive reporting on key video data points:

    • Spend
    • Impressions
    • Completed Views
    • Video Completion Rate

    Depending on the goals of the campaign there are capabilities to take this a step further. Placing a pixel on the website will allow for further insights such as:

    • Websites visits
    • Leads
    • Purchases
    • Other on-site engagements, such as key landing page views or video/social engagements

      Q: What are the top streaming apps available via Connected TV?

      A: Here are some of the top streaming OTT apps/platforms available via connected devices:

      • Hulu
      • Netflix
      • YouTube TV
      • Sling
      • Disney+
      • ESPN+
      • Peacock
      • Paramount+
      • Discovery+
      • Fubo
      • Freevee
      • Philo