Meet The Next Level Catapult Team

Our team is comprised of former founders, C-Suite, senior leadership, & advisory business leaders who work alongside our clients to help create transformational growth. 

Sherry Orel

Sherry Orel

Founder, CEO


Predictive Index CertifiedPI Certified Partner

As a CEO and business leader for 30+ years, Sherry most enjoyed the mentoring, coaching, and developmental growth of her teams.

After a successful career leading organizations both public and private, growing organically and through M&A, and leading multiple exits, she shifted her focus to help other leaders navigate through their own business journeys to identify, meet, and exceed their goals as they Catapult their business to the Next Level.

Sherry primarily works with founders of mid-sized companies ($25M-$750M) and their Executive Leadership Teams to guide the evolution of their strategy and culture to meet the changing needs of their business to accelerate growth and profit. Sherry is frequently retained directly by Founders, CEOs, and both investment bankers and PE/VC firms to support their clients and portfolio companies.

In addition to NLC, Sherry is a Managing Director of STS Capital Partners (, an international, boutique mergers and acquisitions firm, specializing in sell-side consulting and advisory services for mid-market entrepreneurial and family businesses.

The name STS comes from Success to Significance through Selling to Strategics™: a reflection of our mission to help our clients transform business success into personal significance – by generating maximum multiples of expected value when planning and executing the sale of their companies to international strategic buyers.

Brad Hajart

Brad Hajart



Bradley Hajart is a highly accomplished Sales, Marketing, and Technology expert. He is a former founder, with extensive experience leading and advising businesses in the CPG, retail, entertainment, marketing, and technology spaces.

As the founder and CEO of PIE Advertising, Brad helped CPG and Enterprise companies grow their business through traditional, digital, and social marketing strategies. In his executive leadership roles at Advantage Solutions and Brand Connections, Brad developed innovative new marketing solutions and technologies. His diverse experience as a founder, board member, and advisor has helped more than a dozen companies grow their market share.

Brad’s sales and marketing campaigns have won over 50 industry awards, including a CLIO. His development of an omnichannel product sampling solution led to over $60 million in ARR. Before joining Next Level Catapult, Brad was VP of U.S. Revenue at AdTech startup Convosight, COO and General Manager at FinTech company QuikTrak, and as Senior Vice President at Advantage Solutions, led various teams across the marketing organization.

These roles followed a 15-year span where Brad founded PIE Advertising which he grew for 7 years before selling to Brand Connections. As part of the executive leadership at Brand Connections, he helped grow the business and eventually sell it to Advantage Solutions in 2017.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University. Brad lives on Long Island with his wife and two kids and is an avid sports enthusiast and coach to his son and daughter.

Brad’s extensive experience in sales, marketing, and technology and his experience developing innovative solutions make him an ideal partner for Executives and CEOs of businesses looking to achieve their growth goals.

John Fagan

John Fagan

EVP, Talent Optimization


Predictive Index Certified Predictive Index Talent Optimization Consultant

Before devoting his full-time efforts to coaching COO’s and leadership teams on operational excellence and talent optimization, John spent his career creating operational magic and talent success stories for agencies, brands, and retail divisions of all sizes.

Frustrated by the status quo, John made it his career mission to drive high levels of excellence by implementing repeatable and scalable functions to each operational model that he touched and created.

While a strong operational pulse is vital to the health of an organization, John knew that it could not see its full potential without the right team and team structure to drive it. In this spirit, John continually built teams that could stand the test of time by putting people in the right roles and empowering them to a high level of engagement.

Growing the careers of his staff and not holding them back for convenience, allowed John’s people to drive true meaning for his various business units through multi-dimensional thought leadership, vigorous and healthy debate, and the ultimate drive to win.

As a coach, guide, and facilitator, John seeks out the unique positives and champions them, while also identifying the challenges that a business is needing to solve.

Whether it be operational elevation, leadership facilitation, and communication, or talent optimization; John’s passion is providing education and driving excellence for businesses so that they can realize their full potential of creating efficiency, empowering engaged employees, and driving increased revenue.

John lives in Denver, CO with his wife and daughter. While John enjoys fly fishing on the many rivers that Colorado has to offer, he can often be found spending his weekends with his family hiking the beautiful mountain trails.

Additionally, John founded a charity initiative that supports the Children’s Hospital of Colorado by supplying activity bags to children in the clinical setting.

A fun fact about John is that he drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the United States for a year upon graduating from the University of Oklahoma.


Michelle Liamero

Michelle Liamero

EVP, Executive Activation

Predictive Index Talent Optimization Consultant Predictive Index Certified


Michelle is an accomplished executive with a proven track record of building and maintaining long-lasting client relationships. Michelle is highly regarded by clients and team members alike for her proactive, results-driven approach to business, exceptional project management skills, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Throughout her career, Michelle has worked directly for C-level leadership to ensure their visions are implemented holding roles as Executive Assistant, Project Director and EVP of Sales. Growing up working for her family’s resort business, Michelle developed an innate skill for anticipating needs and a strong work ethic, as well as a passion for innovative problem-solving and efficiency.

As a certified Project Manager, Michelle has helped startups and Fortune 500 companies alike achieve growth and success through her keen sense of organization, planning, and execution. Her diverse experience across different industries as a Business Owner, EA, Project Manager, and EVP of Sales has equipped her with a wide range of technical, soft, and transferable skills that can be applied in various contexts, enhanced her understanding of how organizations work and enabled her to easily adapt to different work environments, situations, and teams, fostering agility and resilience.

After moving to the US from Argentina at the age of 18 and studying English at Hunter College, she attended Baruch College and holds a BA in Business Administration from Miami Dade. She now lives in NYC with her husband, two young daughters, and their dog. She enjoys surfing, kickboxing, and being involved in her kids’ school.

Michelle’s extensive experience as the right-hand person to CEOs, Founders, and Business Owners, along with her drive to achieve results, commitment to excellence, and passion to empower people make her an ideal partner for Executive Assistants seeking to reach their full potential.