CEOs spend 10 weeks a year on administrative tasks.

On average, companies suffer a loss of more than $100,000 in productivity from their CEOs due to time spent on administrative duties, which can take up to 25-50% of their capacity. However, by delegating these tasks to capable Executive Assistants and Chiefs of Staff, companies can increase capacity and add value to the organization.

How We Help Improve Executive Assistant Effectiveness

EA Sourcing

We help companies source the right talent that meets their unique needs

EA Training

A 12-week curriculum for new to the role or seasoned pros

EA Coaching

Our experts guide our EA clients through 1:1 personal development sessions

Executive Assistant Skill Development Services

Our 1:1 coaching program for Executive and Administrative Assistants is perfect for those who want to take their role to the next level.

Our coaching includes one-on-one mentorship for assistants to achieve their goals, find career success and become the leaders they were meant to be. Next Level Catapult EA coaching is all about applicable, hands-on, real-world business knowledge that will help real-life executive assistants become true strategic partners.

Goal Setting: Create meaningful priorities/goals and objectives

Creative Problem Solving: Process to spark creative thinking and innovative solutions for purposeful change

Time Management: Learn how to effectively managing time, increasing productivity, and achieving goals

Calendar Management: Master the art of scheduling and organizing time through effective use of a calendar

Inbox Maintenance/Management:  Learn tips to manage Executive’s email inbox effectively and efficiently

Travel Planning: Master how to plan and organize successful trips


Project Management: Learn skills and techniques required to excel

Emotional Intelligence: Develop emotional intelligence skills to better support your executive and colleagues

Being a Strategic Business Partner: Increase your confidence and business acumen

Executive + EA Power Partnership Training: Train both EA + Executive to optimize and strengthen partnership

Eliminate, Delegate, Automate: Learn to identify and hand-off tasks that are not the best use of your time

Ensure your EA has the skills and tools necessary to succeed.

While it’s clear that EAs are critical to a modern executive’s productivity, few organizations have the ability to hire, onboard, and train such a specialized role within their organization. Investing in training and career development is essential to attract and retain top-tier EA talent in today’s fiercely competitive job market.

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