Client Success Story: Leading Through Crisis to Revitalization

Imagine running a company that helps other businesses by providing extra hands or teams, and suddenly, things start going downhill. This is what happened to our client, the CEO of a company that was losing money and feeling stuck.

The Problem

When this CEO came to us, things were pretty messy. The people leading the company’s teams weren’t the right fit, everyone seemed to be rowing the boat in different directions, and the CEO felt lost, jumping from one emergency to another. It was a tough spot, wondering if the team could really turn things around.

How We Helped

Executive and Leadership Coaching provides the ideal framework to identify, assess, and revise the behaviors and tendencies of the leadership team to drive meaningful change. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work with three main goals:

Finding The Right Voice

First, we helped the CEO figure out their unique way of leading and how to share the vision so everyone could get on board. It was all about making sure the team understood where the company was headed.

Team Makeover

We took a good look at the CEO’s leadership team and shuffled things around. Some people were in roles that didn’t fit them, so we made changes to make sure everyone was playing to their strengths.

Building The CEO's Brand

Lastly, we worked on how the CEO presents themself to the employees, the direct reports, and the company’s clients. This helped the CEO connect better with everyone and get back into the groove of things.

The results

A Fresh Start for the Company

With a new setup and everyone feeling more motivated, the company vibe improved a lot.

Leaders Stepping Up

The company leaders started to really own their roles, thinking like owners themselves.

Winning New Business

A focus on growing the company, led to new clients wins, showing the power of a united team.

Back on Track

All these efforts stabilized the company and set the stage for making more money again.

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