Sales professionals today face a dynamic and ever-expanding landscape, where digital channels offer countless opportunities to connect with customers. However, this surge in outreach possibilities also means managing leads and communication can become overwhelming. Sales tools have emerged as indispensable aids for navigating this complex environment. These tools not only enhance customer relationship management but also boost productivity and streamline communication.

Sales tools encompass a broad spectrum of applications designed to simplify various sales-related tasks, making them faster, more convenient, and highly efficient. While some limit the definition of sales tools to software explicitly tailored for sales, others adopt a more encompassing perspective, including tools that support the sales process, irrespective of their primary function. For the purpose of this article, we’ll adopt the broader definition, offering a comprehensive list that includes tools not specifically engineered for sales but tremendously valuable in the sales workflow. interviewed one of our partners Bradley Hajart to see what technologies are increasing the productivity and effectiveness of sales teams in 2023. See what calls “The 21 best sales tools in 2023”.

Thier list includes:

  1. HubSpot CRM
  2. EngageBay
  3. Salesforce
  4. Vtiger
  5. monday sales CRM
  6. Zoho CRM Plus
  7. Metrilo
  8. lemlist
  9. Apollo
  10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  11. Superhuman
  12. Google Workspace
  13. Notion
  14. DocuSign
  15. Sybill
  17. ChatGPT
  18. Manychat
  19. RevenueHero
  20. Dialpad
  21. Reply

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