How LinkedIn is changing the way C-levels engage.

As an Executive, you and your team have worked tirelessly to cultivate tens of thousands of relationships over the years. But how many of those connections understand what you sell? Do they even know your personal brand?

How many potential customers have slipped through the cracks because those relationships weren’t nurtured?  You know that someone you are connected with is buying a product or service that you sell from someone else… and it’s happening all the time.

There is also enormous untapped potential lying dormant within your extended network. (the connections of your connections). Have you ever been asked, “Do you happen to know of a company that offers this or does that?”  This is often where referrals come from.

By activating your personal brand and that of your team and sharing YOUR ORIGINAL content on LinkedIn, you can transform those relationships into tangible results – trust, audience growth, influence, and revenue.

I know you are thinking “I know it’s the right thing to do, I just don’t have the time” – Well, time is a proxy for value, isn’t it? If it generates opportunities, does it move to the top of the list?

Here is an example for you to consider: A manufacturing company in the food services vertical has a CEO with five executives. They have all been with the company for many years and are lifers in their vertical.

Collectively, they have 12,000 connections on LinkedIn. They acknowledge that maybe 10-15% of their connections know what they do and what they sell. The lifetime value of one of their clients is about 2 million dollars with a margin of 40%.

The BIG question? If they were consistent and active on social media sharing content and engaging with their connections on a regular basis, could they unlock a deal or two?  Does that make it to the top of the list now?


A few tips to get you started:

  1. Review your connections – I am sure you have forgotten who is in your thousands of connections.
  2. Figure out what relationships you want to nurture.
  3. Engage with your current contacts by commenting, liking, and/or sharing their content
  4. Check in occasionally for a virtual coffee – use your direct message feature on LinkedIn.
  5. Post original content (DO NOT SELL). Content that teaches, informs, and has value-add stories is best.
  6. Use video when you can – it’s the most authentic media.
  7. Use Calendar Blocking strategies to book an appointment with yourself to do this. Schedule it weekly.

Remember, 100% of your prospects are people. People trust people more than they trust brands. Use the technology to connect with other humans at scale. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when you are consistent and deliver value, good things will come to you. You just need to start. 

At STRATA Originals, we work with CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Executive Teams who seek to cultivate an authentic and influential personal brand. Our mission is to help you activate dormant connections, foster new ones, and generate revenue through the power of your unique brand. Our commitment revolves around you and your objectives. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is personal branding and how can it enhance my LinkedIn presence?

A: Personal branding on LinkedIn involves strategically presenting your professional persona and your unique value proposition to your connections and extended network. By curating and sharing your original you can elevate your visibility and become a thought leader in your industry. Personal Branding strengthens professional relationships and can attract and retain client interest, ultimately leading to revenue growth.

Q: Is LinkedIn good for personal branding?

A: Absolutely, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for personal branding, particularly for professionals and executives looking to establish authority in their professional field. Because of LinkedIn’s vast network of business users, it serves as an ideal place to showcase your expertise, share your insights, and build a reputation that is aligned with your professional goals. When used strategically, LinkedIn can unlock and nurture relationships, ultimately contributing to your business’s revenue growth.

Q: How do I brand myself on LinkedIn?

A: Branding yourself on LinkedIn begins with a thorough audit of your LinkedIn profile. Ensure that your summary reflects your professional experience, perspective, and what makes you unique. Regularly post original content that speaks to your strengths and expertise. Regularly engage with your LinkedIn network’s content, and participate in relevant LinkedIn groups. Treat your LinkedIn profile as a living, breathing portfolio of your professional life and demonstrate your commitment to your industry.

Q: What should I post to build my personal brand on LinkedIn?

A: Curate content that resonates with your professional brand and speaks to your audience’s interests.

    1. Share insights, thought leadership articles, industry analyses, and personal stories that highlight your journey and lessons learned.
    2. Aim for a mix of written posts, articles, videos, and infographics to appeal to different content preferences.
    3. Remember, the golden rule is to provide value—whether it’s a fresh perspective, actionable advice, or a thought-provoking question to spark discussion.