Companies who invest in sales training and skill development are 57% more effective at selling than rivals who are not.

A well-trained sales team helps customer’s make decisions faster, enabling you to achieve your sales objectives more quickly and efficiently. Effective sales training is key to increased employee motivation, job satisfaction, and talent retention.

Sales Training Pays Off

353% ROI

resulting from sales training investment


increase in sales per rep when continuously trained


increased win rate when sales coached

Sales Training and Facilitation Services

Whether you need help planning and facilitating your next sales meeting or building a year-round skill development plan for your sales team, Next Level Catapult helps you develop your sales team by focusing on building the skills that will make them more efficient and effective through curtomized sales training.

Sales Trainings Include:

The 7 Tools of Influence:
How to influence the outcome you desire

Fill the Funnel:
Lead generation and prospecting strategies

Telling Your Story:
Presentation skills & storytelling strategies

Know You Customer:
Understand customer needs and buying behavior

Active Listening:
Listening and observation skills

Be a Data Miner:
Building, interpreting, and actioning sales data

Closing the Deal:
Communication and negotiating skills

Creating Loyalty:
Cross-selling/Up- Selling techniques

Getting the Most Out of Marketing:
Prioritizing and activating MLQ’s

Keep Them Coming Back:
Retention and renewal strategies

Make Them Come to You:
Making inbound marketing work for you

Meeting Notes Perfected:
The right strategies to capture what matters

Objection Handling:
Anticipating and overcoming objections

PLAN to Succeed:
Time management and organization skills

Prospecting for Pros:
Outbound email strategies and best practices

Sales Tools for 2023:
Explore new sales tools to improve effectiveness

Self Branding:
Building your personal (sales) brand through social media

Ensure your sales team has the tools necessary to succeed.

Continual learning and skill development are essential for a successful sales career, especially in today’s fast-paced business environment. By investing in your team’s education, you equip them with the necessary tools to stay ahead of the competition and provide better service to customers.

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