We’re thrilled to highlight a recent episode of The Break Free Podcast, featuring Sherry Orel, Next Level Catapult founder and STS Managing Director. Sherry’s interview with host David Mansilla offers a wealth of knowledge on overcoming obstacles and attaining remarkable success both personally and professionally. Join us as we delve into the key takeaways from this insightful conversation.

  1. Identifying Opportunities Everywhere:

Sherry Orel’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited when she sought additional responsibilities beyond her role as a receptionist for a marketing company. By seizing this opportunity, Sherry was quickly promoted and embarked on a career journey spanning sales, marketing, leadership, and management. Her story emphasizes the importance of recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities, no matter where they may arise. Entrepreneurs can learn from Sherry’s experience and embrace a proactive mindset that continuously seeks out possibilities for growth and advancement.

  1. Prioritizing Employee Growth:

Drawing from her extensive experience, Sherry emphasizes the significance of prioritizing employee growth early on. Sherry successfully improved sales and operational resilience, leading to enhanced client satisfaction. Through her interactions with other entrepreneurs, she discovered the value of creating a deliberate strategy for ongoing growth and providing employees with opportunities for advancement. By delicately scaling teams, establishing new models, and making gradual changes, companies can foster an environment that encourages talent retention and ongoing performance.

  1. Embracing Opportunities by Saying Yes:

Throughout her career, Sherry has found herself in challenging and unexpected professional situations. However, her willingness to say yes and embrace these opportunities has been instrumental in her success. Sherry’s advice is to adopt a mindset that welcomes new challenges and views mistakes as valuable learning experiences. By staying open to possibilities and avoiding fear of failure, entrepreneurs can position themselves to seize opportunities that come their way, leading to personal and professional growth.

  1. Overcoming Fear with “How Hard Could It Be?”:

Sherry Orel’s personal mantra, “How hard could it be?” serves as a powerful tool to eliminate fear and propel individuals toward their entrepreneurial goals. By reframing intimidating opportunities as manageable challenges, entrepreneurs can build confidence and take calculated risks. Sherry’s philosophy encourages a positive mindset that drives progress, both in sales and in other areas of life. Embrace this mantra and watch as it empowers you to tackle new endeavors with enthusiasm and determination.

Sherry Orel’s appearance on The Break Free Podcast provides invaluable insights into the entrepreneurial mindset and the path to extraordinary success. Her journey showcases the importance of identifying opportunities, prioritizing employee growth, embracing unexpected situations, and conquering fear. By thinking like a salesperson, entrepreneurs can establish careers and companies that thrive. We hope these key takeaways inspire you to break free from barriers and reach new heights in your entrepreneurial pursuits.

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