8 Tools of Influence to Power Up Your Sales Tactics

Virtual Webinar

The sales process has evolved significantly for nearly every industry. We will review the Eight Tools of Influence that help a salesperson go from being an interruption to getting the attention of a decision-maker.

Study Strategies to Improve Content Retention in Students

This workshop will include a brief overview of research backed neuroscience related to retention, Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, and memory as well as concrete strategies to aid retention. We'll discuss the types of students who benefit the most from these strategies and how Private Prep approaches one to one executive functioning support tailored to their needs.

10 Simple Ways To Implement ChatGPT In Your Business Today

Virtual Webinar

Unlock the transformative power of ChatGPT for your business with our upcoming webinar. Discover how integrating advanced language models can revolutionize tasks across sales and marketing, HR, legal, and more. This session is your key to harnessing the efficiency and innovation ChatGPT offers, making immediate improvements in your daily operations.

Personal Branding is no longer a luxury

Virtual Webinar

Business leader’s need to unearth their narrative through storytelling, showing passion, demonstrating expertise and credentials, building ”tribes” and trust with their audience. You will learn a process that will capture your personality and voice and the importance of consistency and longevity to achieve your goals

Tech and Tools Every Executive Assistant Must Know

Virtual Webinar

In this webinar, attendees will learn about essential tools and strategies to streamline their responsibilities as Executive Assistants, enabling them to stay organized, efficient, and effective in their roles.


Prompt Engineering 101

Virtual Webinar

Unleash the full potential of generative AI with our "Prompt Engineering 101" webinar. Learn how to craft prompts that effectively communicate with AI tools like ChatGPT, guiding you towards more precise and valuable outputs.